We have a great year planned for you! Browse through the following offerings…one is sure to grab your attention! We have three guided retreats planned, and several programs and pilgrimages…all including visits to sites of great significance to us as Sisters of St. Joseph. The « Centre d'Histoire Vivante des Soeurs de St Joseph »here in Le Puy is now open. It will be an experience that will engage you as well as inform and inspire you. It is a must experience! Start planning your trip today!

Our fee range gives you the opportunity to determine what best fits your budget. The starting fee reflects the minimum cost for the program. A larger contribution helps to defray operational costs, and enables us to assist individuals who may not otherwise have the means to attend a program. The Centre has translation equipment which allows, when needed, simultaneous translations in several languages. It will be a joy to welcome you in 2017! See you soon! Eluiza & Line

Au Centre d'Histoire Vivante des Soeurs de St. Joseph

Deepening Our Global Hearts

Begins Sunday, June 4, 6:00 p.m. till after breakfast Wednesday, June 14

This program invites participants to deepen their grasp and understanding of the charism and spirituality of Sisters of St Joseph at a time of great conflicts and questioning of institutional structures in business, governments, church and society.

We are in a time of great evolution and change demanding an openness and commitment to informing and forming ourselves to do the work that needs doing in God's world in the 21st century. Our hope is that each participant will become more aware and engaged in learning the developments in science and theology that will help us grasp the profound meaning and challenges before us, as Sisters of St Joseph of the world. Bringing SSJs from the many countries in which our Sisters serve, speaks of the 'stretching and enlarging and deepening' of our hearts, to be for 'ALL' of God's creatures and creation.

"Having a global heart is not an option for Sisters of St Joseph. It is who we are." (Carol Zinn, SSJ Philadelphia)

We will be searching, pondering, questioning and sharing what it means to have a 'global heart' in the 21st century. Trinitarian life offers us a model for being in relationship with and in God, the dear neighbor and ourselves. WE begin the program dwelling in the heart of the Trinity and focusing on our spirituality that calls us to live in relationship with ALL…….not something to learn, for we are already 'in God's heart, but certainly to deepen.' We want to feed the 'desire' to live our lives within the heart of God. Living with a 'global heart' is the our way into deepening Trinitarian life.

Another element of the program: Participants will prepare beforehand an 'image' (icon) of the 'foundress' of her Congregation/province/ region. Each participant is expected to present a 10-15 minute exposure of the foundress. These icons will create a panorama of 'Joseph women' who have seeded the family story!

There will be time for sharing stories, songs, and dances of one's culture during evening gatherings. There will be opportunities for personal and group prayer, liturgy, journaling, pilgrimages to our founding spaces, and bio-dancing which will help us give expression to our experiences.

The ten days will pass very quickly! Come join in the 'dance of the Trinity' as Sisters of St Joseph!

Presenters: Janet Gagnon, CSJ (Lyon, USA Province) & Gloria Phillip, CSJ (Argentina), both past general superiors, will offer a global perspective from the north and the south.

Suggested contribution: 650 to 750 Euros.

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The Heart of a Mother, the Life of a Holy Woman

Begins on Sunday, June 18, 6:00 p.m. and ends on Sunday, June 25

A 7 day retreat for Sisters and Associates tracing the life and service of Mother St John Fontbonne in turbulent France in the 18 & 19th centuries. Each day will be about learning, listening, contemplating, and sharing, in the geographical places where MSJF dwelt and established the Congregation.

LePuy, Monistrol, Bas-en-Basset, St Didier, St.Etienne, Lyon will be part of the 'spaces and places' we will spend time in prayer and reflection on MSJF and her daughters. It's a story filled with love of God and the 'dear neighbor'. Come…..spend time with MSJ ….her life was a continuous movement for God and a response to God's desire for her and the congregation……she could abandon her habit to minister to the sick, live her vocation as a prisoner, but she would not budge on principles! MSJ was a RISKTAKER, her life reflects this reality. Her Sisters said of her that they loved to listen to her.

"We tried to get as close as we could to MSJ to hear her speak. She left no writings, because she was so taken up with organizing communities, but when she spoke to her Sisters, everyone listened."

Come up close ……. to listen to Mother St John ……… !

Presenter: Sister Janet Gagnon,CSJ , of the Lyon Congregation (Maine Province) will lead the retreat. Janet has served as Formation Director, provincial of Province in Maine, also as Congregation leader, in Lyon. She continues to be involved at the international level through the International Center.

Suggested contribution: 600 to 700 Euros

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Begins on Friday, June 30, 6pm with Dinner and ends 11am on Friday, July 7

A pilgrimage is a journey to a place where God has shown grace. St Ignatius of Loyola encourages us to return to places of grace and consolation, to be open to new grace. When we make a pilgrimage we do not always receive what we seek but we always receive what we need.

LePuy was holy ground even before our sisters came together, blessed by places of pilgrimage and prayer and by Earth herself. We will gather each morning for a guided meditation through our early history and spirituality and for quiet time. Each afternoon we will journey as pilgrims to the holy sites in LePuy: Notre Dame Cathedral, Rocher St Michel, Eglise du College, as well as to our first kitchen, the market square, and the lace centers. Our guides on these walks will be both Kitty and her good friend Joan Lescinski, who has also led many pilgrimages to Le Puy and who is deeply enamored of the history and spirituality of this lovely place. We will also have a day trip to Lyon to visit the archives and Heritage Room. In each place we will have time to walk, to reflect, to journal.

LePuy has long been a starting place for the Camino, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostella. Those who wish may gather to watch the film The Way as an evening reflection.

Presenter: Kitty Hanley, CSJ

Kitty is a Sister of St Joseph of Carondelet, Albany, NY province. She has travelled to LePuy with several groups and has facilitated retreats and presentations throughout the US and Canadian congregations.

Suggested Contribution: 600 to 700 Euros; REGISTER by June 1, 2017

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Contemplating and Living the Eucharistic Letter in Today's World

Begins on Wednesday, August 9, 6:00pm with Dinner and ends Wednesday, August 16, after breakfast.

A wonderful opportunity to experience the core of Fr Medaille's teaching as found in the Eucharistic Letter. This is truly a document so relevant to life today. This program invites participants – Sisters and Lay People - to an experience of living the spirit of the Eucharistic Letter in a community setting of reflection, pondering, sharing and contemplation. By opening our mystical hearts to the richness of the original text, we will feel challenged to respond to the Spirit's promptings within us, and move forward with fresh eagerness and new challenge.

The rhythm of each day will be flexible and will flow from the creativity of Spirit movement: we will gather each morning for 20 minutes of silent contemplative prayer, followed by interactive teaching on the Letter and the Commentary....and some beautiful PowerPoint's. You will be provided with a prepared binder.

The afternoons are for further reading, rest, leisure and visiting the places in Le Puy and Lyon sacred to our history. As we make our pilgrimages to these holy sites we will be immersed in our sacred story.

Presenter: Sr Monica Hartnett, Sister of St Joseph of Annecy. She has a wide experience of sharing the CSJ charism internationally, with Sisters and lay people. Her passion is to spread the charism. She lives in London UK and has come to Le Puy many times with different groups.

Suggested Contribution: 550 to 650 Euros.

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Radical Oneness: A Little Design within God's Great Design

Begins Tuesday, August 29, 6:00pm with Dinner and ends Wednesday, September 6, after breakfast.

A guided retreat reflecting on and praying with the privilege and the call to live the charism and spirituality of Sisters of St. Joseph by claiming its incarnational power in a world hungering for great love. This retreat will take place within the context of our sacred spaces in Le Puy and Lyon. [Further explanation of the Program will come soon.]

Presenter: Janet Mock, CSJ is a Sister of St. Joseph of Baden, PA in the USA. She served in the ministries of education, formation, congregational leadership, community outreach and worked at the Religious Formation Conference and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in the USA. Janet is currently involved in facilitation and retreat ministry, and lives in Aliquippa, PA.

Suggested Contribution: 650 to 750 Euros.

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Mission Effectiveness: The Charism Alive in CSSJ Ministries

Begins on Saturday, September 23, 5 p.m. and ends Saturday, September 30 after breakfast.

This program offers a pilgrimage for lay partners in mission, providing an immersion experience into the original spirit and global dimension of the charism and spiritual tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph. If you are associated with one of the ministries founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph as an administrator, staff person, board member or supporter, this program is for you! Come deepen your learning, nourish your imagination and strengthen your conviction in participating in a world-wide movement which fosters union with God in drawing all into one.. The week-long experience offers a rhythm of in-put sessions, interactive participation, prayer and visits to historic sites in Le Puy. A day trip to Lyon is also included.

Presenter: Sister Dolores Clerico, a Sister of Saint Joseph, PA (USA) regularly provides opportunities for deepening an awareness of the CSSJ charism and spirituality among Sisters of St. Joseph, Associates and partners in mission. Sister Dolores currently serves as Director of the Ministry of Spirituality for her Philadelphia congregation.

Suggested Contribution: 650 to 750 Euros

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Pilgrimage to Our CSJ Origins

Begins on Monday, October 9 with Evening meal and ends after Breakfast on Monday, October 16

Are you seeking a deeper God experience, which is basically seeking peace, joy, love and hope? Why not consider leaving behind your daily occupations and joining us on a pilgrimage for Sisters of St. Joseph, Associates, Agrégées, and Partners in ministry?

As the week unfolds, you will visit the places of origins in Le Puy such as the First Kitchen, the Archives, the Cathedral, l'Eglise du College and Place Martouret. This will be interspersed with input, reflection, sharing and prayer

We will also travel to Bas-en-Basset, Monistrol and St. Didier and then visit significant places in Lyon, the Heritage Room, the CSJL Chapel, the Basilica of Fourvière, and Mother St. John's gravesite.

This pilgrimage will help you discover God's active presence as reflected in our first sisters, as well as the grace that moved Fr. Médaille and Bishop de Maupas to accept and promote these first women and in turn lead you to sense God's active presence in your own life. In solidarity, you will be able to identify and deepen the mission and charism already alive within you.

Join us in October for an unforgettable experience!

luiza de Andrade, Sister of St. Joseph of Chambery, Province of Brazil
Line Rioux, Sister of St. Joseph of Lyon, Winslow, Maine Province

Suggested Contribution: 550 to 650
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We also welcome you for Pilgrimages, Visits, Retreats, Sabbaticals. These can be individually arranged throughout the year.

• Guided pilgrimages and visits for individuals or groups offered in various languages. • * Private retreats and spiritual direction by staff spiritual directors.

• Personalized reflective days and sabbaticals near the cradle of the Congregation.

Write us at centre.international@wanadoo.fr

We look forward to welcoming YOU!

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