Celebrating 10 Years

On October 15, 2004, which is the day every year that Sisters of St Joseph around the globe celebrate their founding in Le Puy, France, the International Center of Saint Joseph opened its doors. This October 15, 2013, the global community of St Joseph will begin a yearlong celebration of the first ten years of the International Center, its accomplishments, the present reality and the future planning.

It was on another very significant anniversary, the 350th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Sisters of St Joseph that the idea to create an International Center was born. Representatives of the four federations and three international congregations began the work that has led them to today.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary, the International Center will be selling greeting cards designed by Sr. Mary Southard, a renowned artist and a member of the Congregation of St Joseph in the United States. All profits from these sales will go to support programming at the International Center.

Programming for the 10th anniversary year will focus on the spirituality and charism of the Sisters of St Joseph.

Additional planning will be finalized at the September meeting of the Association Board.

OCTOBER 15, 2004 – 2014

Loving and Gracious God, You hold us tenderly in Your Loving Care

You enable us to celebrate and remember all that you have done for us over the centuries:

over 400 years, the birth of our Founder, Fr Jean Pierre Medaille

more than 360 years, our foundation from LePuy, France

more than 200 years, the restoration of Congregations of Sisters of St Joseph in France, after the Revolution.

Now we ask you to hold tenderly the 'new moment' of the 'Little Design', the celebration of the 10thanniversary of the birth of our first 'global community' in LePuy. The challenges and call of the 21stcentury bid us to 'be and act more as one St Joseph ' in our world. The dream to establish a space of welcoming and hospitality in the very place of our founding, represents a great step together as congregations, within the Joseph Family. Like our humble beginnings, this endeavor, few in number of years, is huge in its outreach, like our founder's dream.

During this anniversary year, we continue to celebrate Your unconditional love for us all, members of the Joseph Family of the World. We ask for Wisdom to continue to grow the 'vision and mission of the International Centre.' May this 'little design of the 21st century' enable us to keep the fire of your love alive in our hearts as we continue to respond to the needs of the 'dear neighbor.'

We thank you holy, Triune God,

  • for the generosity of those who have worked to realize the dream for
  • creating this 'global space' at the heart of our foundation place,
  • for the Institute for giving the place for us to have our dwelling in LePuy,
  • for all who have served as Board members who made the dream a reality
  • for the different groups who have served as Staff members and who made a 'home' for us
  • for all the pilgrims and participants in programs and retreats and visits who have left their imprint on our lives, by their passing through the Centre.

Bless all Sisters of St Joseph, Associates, Collaborators, and Friends, those living and those who have gone before us on this journey of profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction. Amen.