Centre International St. Joseph

Vision Statement

We recognize in the global realities of our times, the urgent call of God to act more as one in addressing our mission of communion. Centre International St. Joseph exists to promote interaction, collaboration and communion, among Sisters, Associates and lay partners, in creating an earth community based on the values of right relationship with God, with others, and with the planet.

The Centre welcomes both Sisters and their lay partners. We offer opportunities to understand and interpret our charism in light of today’s realities, the needs of our world for reconciliation and peacemaking, and the hunger of young people for relationships. These opportunities include prayer, study, reflection, discernment, research, creative thinking, retreats, sabbatical experiences, rest, and physical work.


Embracing the past, we study and deepen our awareness of our history, tradition, and spirituality to ensure the preservation of our “story” for future generations.

Nurturing the present, we engage Sisters of St. Joseph, associates, and lay partners in deepening their understanding of our mission and charism; we do this within an international setting and with a global focus.

Creating a new future, we interpret our charism in light of today’s world, and informed with this new understanding, help establish ways to incarnate the prayer “that all may be one,” particularly among the young and in areas in need of reconciliation.