2018 Blog Posts

Pilgrimage to Our Origins – October 30, 2018 https://internationalcentressj.blogspot.com/2018/10/pilgrimage-to-our-origins.html Congregation of St. Joseph Comes to Le Puy – October 15, 2018 ...

Mission Effectiveness: The Charism Alive in CSJ Ministries 2016

Group of July 2016 from the program "Mission Effectiveness: The Charim Alive in CSJ Ministries lead by Sister Dolores Clerico, CCSJ-PA (USA)



The Lace Is Not Yet Finished

Group of May 2016 from the program "The Lace Is Not Yet Finished" lead by Sister Jane De Lisle, CSJ

Mission Effectiveness: The Charism Alive in CSSJ Ministries

Sister Dolores Clerico October 3-10, 2015 Mission Effectiveness: The Charism Alive in CSSJ Ministries

Greetings from this Holy Place

Greetings of peace from beautiful LePuy, France! As I look out my bedroom window, I am surrounded by God's loving presence! I am nourished by man-made artifacts, e.g. statue of Notre Dame de France and Chapelle Saint-Michel plus the lush green ...

Directed Retreat

The Ignatian Exercises, The Word of God, and our Maxims help us discover more deeply the sesire of God in our hearts, as well as call us to live fully our Mission.

Holy Ground Retreat

Holy Ground retreat: From Canada and the US, we come home to our common home. We gather in prayer. "A pilgrimage is a journey to a place where God has shown grace. When we make a pilgrimage we do not always receive what we seek but we always ...

Veggies from the garden.

Veggies from the garden.

Beautiful day for gardening

Taking advantage of a beautiful day, Line and Eliza do some work in the International Centre's garden.

Treasures for their life time!

May 14 2015 The fourth day of the international session began very early for the participants since a trip was planned. The first place to visit was Bas en Basset, the birth place of Mother St. John Fontbonne. Walking along the alley named after ...

Renovations at the Centre

Since early January the Centre has been undergoing renovations (security upgrades). Some of what's happening: Doors are being replaced by fire doors in every bedroom. The stairway is being enclosed, and a handrail has been put in on the right ...

A Word from Valerie Van Cauwenberghe, CSJ Canada

My involvement with Centre International St. Joseph spans several years with very short intervals between those years. Mainly, I was a member of the Centre International St. Joseph Board and attended meetings 2 or 3 times yearly for a few days each ...