Greetings from this Holy Place

Greetings of peace from beautiful LePuy, France! As I look out my bedroom window, I am surrounded by God's loving presence! I am nourished by man-made artifacts, e.g. statue of Notre Dame de France and Chapelle Saint-Michel plus the lush green mountains, vegetable and flower gardens. As I walk the streets of LePuy, the presence of tourists and villagers offer a warmth of Bonjour and a smile! Forming community with Line and Eluiza is enriching as we take time to pray, enjoy meals together and share some of our daily activities. There is a feeling of "all are welcomed" in this Holy Place where our foundation, the Sisters of Saint Joseph, was founded in 1650! How blest I am as God's presence is so alive!

Doroty Pinkington
Sister of St Joseph of Springfield MA USA

Arrived at the International Center July 24, 2015

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