Treasures for their life time!

May 14 2015

The fourth day of the international session began very early for the participants since a trip was planned. The first place to visit was Bas en Basset, the birth place of Mother St. John Fontbonne. Walking along the alley named after Mother St. John, looking at the house where she's presumed to have been born and spent her childhood, reading the plaque that describes her life and praying at the church where she was christened was an awe inspiring experience.

Brimming with happiness the participants headed towards the Centre International in Le Puy where they were all welcomed with warmth and made to feel at home. After a quick lunch at the Centre, the participants walked along memory lanes during their visit to the kitchen of the first sisters of the Congregation, the place where a couple of sisters were guillotined, the chapel of St. Michel and the Cathedral of Notre Dame de France.

Towards the end of the day, a presentation was given by Sr. Line at the Centre International, sharing with the participants the objectives of the Centre, its functions and the programs offered. It was quite enlightening. Above all, after the fun-filled day the participants returned home with loads of excitement and unique God experiences garnered from their visits to varied chapels, cathedrals and monuments that they are to treasure for their lifetime.

International Group of the Lyon Congregation

At the residence of the Saint Joseph Sisters in Lyon where 40 lay persons and13 Sisters had gathered from Burkina Faso, England, U.S.A, Mexico, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Nava Jeevan Region and France

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